Reviews Monoswezi Yanga

"A thoroughly enjoyable, totally hypnotic, and utterly unique listening experience." 


"The velvet depths of the double bass and some gorgeously breathy sax interjections are indispensable two  their Instantly recognisable sonic signature. On this their third and best album They continue two experiment with the new textures That Materialise out of their unusual line up while remaining accessible and melody centered. Lovely stuff. “ 

The Independent

"this is very powerful, each element complementing the other to create something new and very enjoyable."

Sing Out! USA

'words like “hypnotic” and “mesmerizing” are a bit shopworn, but they’re perfectly applicable in describing what you’ll hear if you have the good sense to get this CD.'

World Music Central

"The album is important for its merging of cultures and ideas, but also for the natural symbiosis the musicians demonstrate, which never feels forced. "

All About Jazz, USA

Frankfurt Journal:

“Monoswezi Yanga”

out now on  Riverboat/World Music Network

Video of the song Matatya out here

“Album of the month” at BBC World on 3

Reaching nr 6 on World Music Charts Europe

Long feature and interveiw in Four Culture Magazine

Saarbrücker Zeitung:

Melodie & Rhthmus:



Photo by CF Wesenberg

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“A unique sound blending traditional songs from Zimbabwe with Scandinavian Jazz“ CNN, USA

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